Zerto Mobile App

Mobile app for monitoring data-centers.

The need

Zerto provides disaster recovery and business continuity software for enterprise class companies.
Their clients needed a manager-level monitoring access to the main resilience platform, usually activated by IT, as part of the augmented product.


    Large amount of data for a mobile screen.

    Main focus areas of a manager viewing the system are different than those of the IT.

    Existing visual UI patterns of the system are originally not designed for mobile experience. On the other hand, they were recognizable and familiar to the users, so a gentle balance between innovation and continuity was needed.

Design goal:

Manager will view complete system status, on a single swipe.


Information Architecture

It has been decided to keep the hierarchy shallow, and avoid complexity and lostness. Information was divided to 3 levels:

  • Summary (main view)
  • Object lists (VPGs, Alerts, Tasks)
  • Single object view (VPG view, Alert, Task)

Information hierarchy draft

Low-fidelity design


Data from the desktop product, used by IT, has been re-prioritized to match executive-level perspective, minimized and organized accordingly.

Main system view, asset lists and single asset view templates

High fidelity

Summary view
VPG assets view
Alerts view
Tasks view