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I make fun of work.

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I may help with:

  • Defining your Creative Strategy.

  • Designing your product's User Interfaces.

  • Creating, documenting and maintaining your product's Design System.

  • Aligning your product to an accessibility standard.

  • Guiding users and supporting their desicion-making process with Illustrations with Data Visualisations.


  • HCL Software

    AppScan on Cloud

    AppScan is a leading applications security platform. Their cloud environment helps organizations discover vulnerabilities in their code and manage their risk. In this extensive re-design project, I have been working with their Design & Dev teams, responsible for setting a scalable Product Design System and UI guidelines, as well as art & Creative direction.

  • Zerto Ltd.

    Zerto Mobile App

    Zerto provides disaster recovery and business continuity software for enterprise class companies.
While their systems are used as Desktop Applications by IT and Security personnel, their mobile app help Managers class monitoring the organisation's disaster recovery system and reoprting the status of it's business continuity. In this project, I was responsible for the Product Design of the application, including creating first adaption of desktop UI environment into a mobile one.

  • Taboola

    Hack The Vault

    Taboola is a world-leading content discovery platform, always on the look for the best developers in the market. In this Guerilla recruitment campaign, I was working with both HR and in-house developers to create a viral riddle, based on a code-editor-like environment. I was responsible for Creative, Design & Art-Direction.

About me:

a Product Designer and Illustrator, based in Lisbon.
I specialize in the design of digital working tools, making people's tasks easier and their experience more rewarding.

I'm working closely with Product Managers, design teams and Developers, covering the entire product design ground, and use conceptual thinking and visual skills to convey complex concepts for users, reduce lostness, and support users decision making.

Clients (partial list):


  • "Avin has a rare combo in designers of being able to get the point very quickly, accurately follow the brief, while still being able to come up with “magic” that spice up the project... I can recommend Avin for any type of digital design project, especially ones that are difficult to crack and require good conceptual understanding and original, out of the box thinking."

    Nitzan Volman, Head of Taboola Labs at Taboola
  • "...Avin is one of the few ones! He features this rare combination everybody strives for: He is creative yet thorough, intelligent yet attentive. When I add to it the fact that he is 100% trustworthy and dedicated, I get the rare species I’m always looking for. "

    Yoram Rosner, 5ive || Innovation & UX
  • "Working with Avin was a pleasure. Not only are his designs top class, he really tried to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve and was able to provide useful ideas and advice to further improve our initial request. He is extremely personable and reliable and I hope to work with him further in the future."

    David A Cohen, today Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook