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Product Designer & Creative Director


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A freelance Product Design Chief and Creative Director since 2002.
I help clients train their teams, solve strategic challenges, and build design infrastructure that fits both their goals and capacity.

Among other clients, I have been furtunate to work with:


  • HCLTech

    HCL AppScan Design System

    • Design System
    • Design Infrastructure
    • Product Design

    HCL AppScan is a leading platform for applications security testing. I helped creating their initial design system, and implementing it across their product line.

  • HCLTech

    HCL AppScan Product logos

    • Brand identity
    • Creative Direction

    As part of my collaboration with HCL AppScan, I helped creating a distinct logo for each products, to re-position their main products in front of competition and across the offering.

  • [ Classified ]

    False-Positives Filtering Retrospective

    • UX Design
    • Data Visualization

    Internal analysis tool for an organization's security team.

  • Access Israel Organization

    Business location accessibility check

    • UX Strategy
    • Product Design
    • Creative Direction

    Access Israel is the main NPO in Israel promoting accessibility and Inclusion. I have designed their online self-check enables local business owners to easily check their compliance with accessibility regulations.

  • Zerto Ltd.

    Zerto Mobile App

    • Product design
    • Mobile app design

    Zerto provides disaster recovery and business continuity software for enterprise class companies. I helped them designing their monitoring mobile apps and start their mobile patterns library.



portrait by @standartmag, 2023

I like making complex stuff clearer, and ease the lives of the humans on the other side of the most technicals of tools.
The process is always tailored to the problem we are solving, and closes an entire design loop, from problem research to validation of the provided solution, through all product layers, from strategy and information architecture to high-fidelity UI and code implementation.

Also: an Ocean addict, an Illustrator, a Creative Coder, an Art History MA.
I'm Based in Lisbon, working with clients worldwide.


  • "...I can recommend Avin for any type of digital design project, especially ones that are difficult to crack and require good conceptual understanding and original, out of the box thinking."

    Nitzan Volman, Head of Taboola Labs at Taboola
  • "Avin developed our product design system, which help us to revamp our products and have a better alignment across the offering.
    ... His availability to the team was outstanding even when we were in different time zones. He always does things professionally, creatively and with enthusiasm."

    Itay Levin, Design lead at HCL AppScan
  • "...I was very pleased with both the results and his attitude. He is a talented and experienced designer that was very responsive and attentive to our needs and limitations."

    Ziv Marmur, Head of Design at Moovit
  • "...I have referred other colleagues of mine to Avin, and intend to keep working with him in the future."

    Guy Atzmon, SVP Creative & Product at SundaySky
  • "...Avin is one of the few ones! He is creative yet thorough, intelligent yet attentive. When I add to it the fact that he is 100% trustworthy and dedicated, I get the rare species I’m always looking for. "

    Yoram Rosner, 5ive || Innovation & UX

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